The Viper Club hosts a divers group of performance driving events geared for both the novice and the experienced. There are generally three different types of performance driving categories: Drag racing, auto-cross, and high-speed road racing. All events have classes based on your driving ability and the capability of your car. Everything from learning performance driving, to competitive events, are available. Everyone who attends gets hooked!


Drag Racing

This type of race involves two basic fundamentals: The quickness of your car and the reflexes of the driver. Cars are lined up and sent down a straight track designed to measure how fast your car can cover a quarter mile. Head to head competition and speed!



This is a test of technical driving ability. Drivers navigate a driving course strategically laid out with orange cones. The courses are generally 40-60 seconds in length and with many twists and turns. Drivers are usually given 6-10 runs depending on the duration of the event. The object is to drive the course as quickly as possible without knocking over any cones (Knocked over cones result in time penalties). Winners are classified by the fastest lap times of the day.


High-Speed Road Course

This event puts cars on a closed circuit race course. These courses typically have many twists and turns to challenge both car and driver, while there are also straight-aways to achieve significant speeds. Drivers are sure to be challenged as it requires precision, smoothness, and consistency. Generally, winners are based on their fastest lap times.

Want to see what it’s really like at the events? Click above link for a video of our different racing events!

Check our other Viper Racing links for event info, driving tips, and event results! See you there!


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